Yuja Wang: Chopin 24 Preludes Op. 28

Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus 4-6-2017
Recorded from digital satellite broadcast; many thanks to the recorder!
00:00 No.1 in C major, Agitato
00:48 No.2 in A minor, Lento
02:44 No.3 in G major, Vivace
03:38 No.4 in E minor, Largo ‘Suffocation’
05:30 No.5 in D major, Molto allegro
06:03 No.6 in B minor, Lento assai
07:56 No.7 in A major, Andantino ‘The Polish Dancer’
08:46 No.8 in F-Sharp minor, Molto agitato
10:45 No.9 in E major, Largo
12:02 No.10 in C-Sharp minor, Molto allegro
12:34 No.11 in B major, Vivace
13:18 No.12 in G-Sharp minor, Presto
14:34 No.13 in F-Sharp major, Lento
17:32 No.14 in E-Flat minor, Allegro
18:06 No.15 in D-Flat major, Sostenuto ‘Raindrop’
23:20 No.16 in B-Flat minor, Presto con fuoco ‘Hades’
24:24 No.17 in A-Flat major, Allegretto
27:26 No.18 in F minor, Molto allegro
28:24 No.19 in E-Flat major, Vivace
29:50 No.20 in C minor, Largo
31:26 No.21 in B-Flat major, Cantabile
33:14 No.22 in G minor, Molto agitato
33:58 No.23 in F major, Moderato
34:54 No.24 in D minor, Allegro appassionato
This recording is provided by the Yuja Wang Archives http://yujawang.nicerweb.com/

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