Khatia Buniatishvili Sings Adamiani


This little gem is from a concert put on by Khatia and Gvantsa Buniatishvili for 150 children from the villages of Persan, Marange, Marly, Calais and Neuville. This was a four-handed piano recital, as these young women have played together from childhood, they are and remain best friends and it is noticeable that Khatia takes every opportunity to bring her sister into the limelight. As an impromptu encore (which is presumably why there is no voice microphone) they sang ‘Adamiani’. This is charming and we can see Khatia encouraging her sister, as they probably have sung this together at home but not in public. As a bonus I have added a very different version by Megi Gogitidze as a special thank you to my Georgian viewers and here’s hoping Google Translate do not murder my little message ‘საქართველოს დიდი სიყვარული’.

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