Khatia Buniatishvili Liszt Piano Concerto No 2

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Recorded at the Verbier Festival 2015, in the Salle des Combins, Verbier, Switzerland on August 2, 2015, Khatia Buniatishvili plays Liszt Piano Concerto No 2 with the Verbier Festival Orchestra under Charles Dutoit.
As many of my regular viewers and subscribers will watch this video I’ll just point out Khatia’s ten concert tour of Korea and Japan opens today followed interestingly by several concerts in Los Angeles. These series of concerts mark I believe an important milestone in Khatia’s career and will probably set the tone for her future success as an artist. I’ll make a prediction that the critics praise her in Korea and Japan and pan her performances in Los Angeles, not that in Khatia’s case the critic’s opinions matter, what’s more important is the reaction of her audiences, which I will also stick my neck out and predict the reaction will be warm in all three countries. Japan, Korea and America are probably very important for Khatia’s financial future, so let’s cross our fingers and wish her every success.

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